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Diabetes mellitus


Since 1998 the “Diabetes Mellitus” (or “Sakharni Diabet”) Journal publishes timely articles, balancing both clinical and experimental research, case reports, reviews and lectures on pressing problems of diabetology. The Journal is aimed to provide a forum to discuss etiology and pathogenesis, clinical features, modern diagnostic and treatment approaches to diabetes mellitus and its complications, as well as associated conditions.

The Journal:

  • features original research articles, reflecting world diabetology development;
  • issues thematic editions on specific areas (diabetic nephropathy, diabetic neuropathy, diabetic retinopathy, etc.);
  • publishes chronicle of major international congress sessions and workshops on diabetes mellitus, as well as state-of-the-art guidelines;
  • is intended for scientists, diabetologists, endocrinologists and specialists of allied trade, general practitioners, family physicians and pediatricians.


Ivan I. Dedov, PhD, Professor (ORCID: 0000-0002-8175-7886)


The Diabetes Mellitus journal is currently indexed in Scopus (Elsevier), Emerging Sources Citation Index (Web of Science, Clarivate Analytics), Google Scholar, DOAJ and Russian Science Citation Index (eLibrary.ru).

Access to the content

All accepted articles in the Diabetes Mellitus journal are published in Gold Open Access (in accordance with Budapest Open Access Initiative) format with Free Full-text access to all articles via several websites (dia.endojournals.ruwww.elibrary.ruwww.cyberleninka.ru) and mobile applications for iOS® (available in AppStore). All accepted articles publish with the Creative Commons International license (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) for more freely distribution and usage worlwide.

The journal is open for English and Russian language manuscripts. All English language manuscripts are published in bilingual format (with help of Russian association of endocrinologists the editorial team makes translations for all accepted english-language articles). So, the journal provide an additional readers auditory for published articles. 



New version of Editorial Policies

The journal has updated its editorial policies regarding publication standards and ethical compliance.
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Current Issue

Vol 22, No 1 (2019)

Original Studies
Carbohydrate and lipid metabolism disorders in women with primary hyperparathyroidism: results of cross-sectional study
Mokrysheva N.G., Dobreva E.A., Mirnaya S.S., Dedov I.I.
Diabetes mellitus. 2019;22(1):8-13
Symptomatic and silent cerebral ischemia (detected on MRI) in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus after carotid revascularization procedures
Tanashyan M.M., Antonova K.V., Medvedev R.B., Skrylev S.I., Krotenkova M.V., Romantsova T.I.
Diabetes mellitus. 2019;22(1):14-24
Features the interaction of functional and metabolic remodeling of myocardium in comorbid course of ischemic heart disease and 2 type diabetes mellitus
Afanasiev S.A., Kondratieva D.S., Egorova M.V., Akhmedov S.D., Budnikova O.V., Popov S.V.
Diabetes mellitus. 2019;22(1):25-34
Interdisciplinary cooperation between dentists and endocrinologists for identification and management of diabetes mellitus
Maslak E.E., Naumova V.N.
Diabetes mellitus. 2019;22(1):35-43
Dynamics of heart rate variability in rats with streptozotocin-induced diabetes
Morozova M.P., Gavrilova S.A., Ivanov E.V., Gorbacheva A.M., Rzhavina E.M., Erdyakov A.K., Dzhemilova Z.N., Artemova E.V., Tokmakova A.Y., Koshelev V.B., Galstyan G.R.
Diabetes mellitus. 2019;22(1):44-52
Structured exercise program on Foot Biomechanics & Insulin Resistance among people living with type 2 diabetes with and without peripheral neuropathy
Kumar A., Hazari A., Maiya A., Shastry B., Nagiri S., K V.
Diabetes mellitus. 2019;22(1):53-61
The effect of OMEGA-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids on ambulatory blood pressure monitoring parameters in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy
Serhiyenko V.A., Mankovsky B.N., Serhiyenko L.М., Serhiyenko A.A.
Diabetes mellitus. 2019;22(1):62-69
Incretins today: multiple effects and therapeutic potential
Tsygankova O.V., Veretyuk V.V., Ametov A.S.
Diabetes mellitus. 2019;22(1):70-78
Heart failure and diabetes mellitus: insight into comorbidity
Petunina N.A., Trukhin I.V., Trukhina L.V., Sizova Z.M., Zakharova V.L.
Diabetes mellitus. 2019;22(1):79-87
Case report
Diabetes mellitus associated with the mutation of the ABCC8 gene (MODY 12): features of clinical course and therapy
Ovsyannikova A.K., Rymar O.D., Shakhtshneider E.V., Klimontov V.V., Koroleva E.A., Voevoda M.I.
Diabetes mellitus. 2019;22(1):88-94