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Diabetes mellitus


Since 1998 the “Diabetes Mellitus” (or “Sakharni Diabet”) Journal publishes timely articles, balancing both clinical and experimental research, case reports, reviews and lectures on pressing problems of diabetology. The Journal is aimed to provide a forum to discuss etiology and pathogenesis, clinical features, modern diagnostic and treatment approaches to diabetes mellitus and its complications, as well as associated conditions.

The Journal:

  • features original research articles, reflecting world diabetology development;
  • issues thematic editions on specific areas (diabetic nephropathy, diabetic neuropathy, diabetic retinopathy, etc.);
  • publishes chronicle of major international congress sessions and workshops on diabetes mellitus, as well as state-of-the-art guidelines;
  • is intended for scientists, diabetologists, endocrinologists and specialists of allied trade, general practitioners, family physicians and pediatricians.


Ivan I. Dedov, PhD, Professor (ORCID: 0000-0002-8175-7886)


The Diabetes Mellitus journal is currently indexed in Scopus (Elsevier), Emerging Sources Citation Index (Web of Science, Clarivate Analytics), Google Scholar, DOAJ and Russian Science Citation Index (

Access to the content

All accepted articles in the Diabetes Mellitus journal are published in Gold Open Access (in accordance with Budapest Open Access Initiative) format with Free Full-text access to all articles via several websites ( and mobile applications for iOS® (available in AppStore). All accepted articles publish with the Creative Commons International license (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) for more freely distribution and usage worlwide.

The journal is open for English and Russian language manuscripts. All English language manuscripts are published in bilingual format (with help of Russian association of endocrinologists the editorial team makes translations for all accepted english-language articles). So, the journal provide an additional readers auditory for published articles. 



News: An overview of the 77 American Diabetes Association congress


This short message is to overview the main points of 77 American Diabetes Association congress (in russian for russian-speaking auditory).

Posted: 13.08.2017 More...

News: Invocana® (cannagliflozin) significantly reduces combined risk of cardiovascular death, heart attack myocardium and stroke according to the CANVAS program


This short message is for review the primary data previously published in New England Journal of Medicine - in russian for russian-speaking auditory.

Posted: 13.08.2017 More...
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Current Issue

Vol 21, No 2 (2018)

Original Studies
Differential diagnostic utilities of combined testing for islet cell antibody, glutamic acid decarboxylase antibody, and tyrosine phosphatase antibody
Timofeev A.V., Koltunov I.E., Petriaikina E.E., Rybkina I.G., Samsonova L.N., Tiulpakov A.N., Zubkova N.A., Kolomina I.G., Evsjukova E.A., Bukin S.S., Khrushchev A.C.
Diabetes mellitus. 2018;21(2):74-83
Influence of hyperinsulinemic – hypoglycemic clamp on induced platelet aggregation, activity of physiological anticoagulants and von Willebrand factor in patients with type I diabetes
Jarek-Martynowa I.R., Martynov M.Y., Sarkisova K.G., Koksharova E.O., Mishina E.E., Yasamanova A.N., Shestakova M.V.
Diabetes mellitus. 2018;21(2):84-91
Birth weight and length in offsprings of mothers with gestational diabetes mellitus due to mutations in GCK gene
Zubkova N.A., Burumkulova F.F., Ulyatovskaya V.I., Petrukhin V.A., Plechanova M.A., Panov A.E., Budykina T.S., Makretskaya N.A., Tiulpakov A.N.
Diabetes mellitus. 2018;21(2):92-98
Changes in loading distribution in patients with Charcot foot during long-term follow-up
Demina A.G., Bregovskiy V.B., Karpova I.A., Tcvetkova T.L.
Diabetes mellitus. 2018;21(2):99-104
Diabetes mellitus type 2 and acute myocardial infarction: prognostic options for interaction in patients of different age groups
Garganeeva A.A., Kuzheleva E.A., Borel K.N., Kondratyeva D.S., Afanasiev S.A.
Diabetes mellitus. 2018;21(2):105-112
The individual empowerment program improves glycemic and lipid controls in admitted type 2 DM patients
Theeranut A., Methakanjanasak N., Surit P., Ruaisungnoen W., Sawanyawisuth K., Saensom D.
Diabetes mellitus. 2018;21(2):113-117
Quality of glycemic control in assessment of the requirement for insulin in patients with type 2 diabetes and comorbid pathology
Kurnikova I.A., Ualihanova A.U., Meleshkevich T.A., Kiryanova L.V.
Diabetes mellitus. 2018;21(2):118-127
Case report
Secondary hyperparathyroidism in patient with type 2 diabetes and stages 3–4 chronic kidney disease
Egshatyan L.V., Mokrisheva N.G.
Diabetes mellitus. 2018;21(2):128-134