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Clinical and experimental thyroidology

Since 2005 the “Clinical and experimental thyroidology” (or «Klinicheskaia I eksperimentalnaia tiroidologia”) Journal publishes timely articles, balancing both clinical and experimental research, case reports, reviews and lectures on pressing problems of thyroid pathology.

The Journal:

  • features original national and foreign research articles, reflecting world thyroidology development
  • publishes chronicle of major international congress sessions and workshops on thyroidologe;
  • is intended for scientists, diabetologists, endocrinologists and specialists of allied trade, general practitioners, family physicians and pediatricians.

The “Clinical and experimental thyroidology ” Journal is included into the “List of leading scientific journals under review, where principal data of applicants for scientific degree has to be published”, as decreed by State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles in Bulletin №2 of 2003 and revised in 2010.

Information on published articles is transmitted to the Russian Scientific Citation Index on the regular basis.

Ministry for Affairs of Press and Information registration № 018338 from 17.12.98.

Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technologies and Communications registration № ПИ N2ФС77-21532 from 12.07.2005.


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Current Issue

Vol 13, No 4 (2017)

De Gustibus
Gerasimov G.A.
Clinical and experimental thyroidology. 2017;13(4):5-8
Review of literature
Encapsulated follicular thyroid tumors of uncertain malignant potential in the new international histological classification
Abrosimov A.Y.
Clinical and experimental thyroidology. 2017;13(4):9-15
Original Studies
Overview of Iodine Deficiency Prevention Strategies in the South-Eastern Europe and Central Asia Region: 2009–2016
Gerasimov G.A., van der Haar F., Lazarus J.H.
Clinical and experimental thyroidology. 2017;13(4):16-22
Iodine status of Saint Petersburg adult residents
Soboleva D.E., Dora S.V., Karonova T.L., Volkova A.R., Grineva E.N.
Clinical and experimental thyroidology. 2017;13(4):23-29
Thе role of zinc in the development of cardiovascular complications in patients with Graves’ disease
Kvitkova L.V., Vinichenko D.S., Borodkina D.A., Zinchuk S.F., Fomina N.V., Maximov S.S.
Clinical and experimental thyroidology. 2017;13(4):30-39
Case Report
Two cases synchronous atypical parathyroid adenomas and papillary thyroid carcinoma
Voronkova I.A., Lapshina A.M., Gurevich L.E., Rozhinskaya L.Y., Britvin T.A., Krivosheev A.V., Kim I.V., Kuznetsov S.N., Mokrysheva N.G.
Clinical and experimental thyroidology. 2017;13(4):40-48