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Obesity and metabolism

Journal "Obesity and Metabolism" is a multidisciplinary forum for clinical and applied research in the field of biochemistry, physiology, pathophysiology, genetics, nutrition, as well as molecular, metabolic, psychological and epidemiological aspects of obesity and metabolism.

The main subject "Metabolism" reviewed in the journal, includes fat, carbohydrate, protein, bone, fluid and electrolyte and other types of metabolism in the spectrum of pathology of the endocrine system.

The priority direction of Journal "Obesity and Metabolism" is publishing modern high-quality original research on the effectiveness of new and existing treatments in any aspect of metabolic and endocrine diseases.

Pre-clinical pharmacology, pharmacokinetics studies, meta-analyzes, addressed to drug safety and tolerance are also welcome for publication in the journal "Obesity and metabolism." Journal "Obesity and Metabolism" announces review articles that are balanced, clear and offer the reader a modern and critical analysis of the literature on the subject of the magazine. Case reports, and lecture materials are also published for highlighting for practitioners new approaches to diagnosis and treatment of patients with metabolic disorders and obesity.

Journal "Obesity and Metabolism" is designed for scientists, diabetologists, endocrinologists, bariatric surgeons and specialists in all related areas of internal medicine, including physicians, general practitioners, family practitioners, pediatricians.

Journal "Obesity and Metabolism" is included into the  “List of leading scientific journals under review, where principal data of applicants for scientific degree has to be published”, as decreed by Russia’s State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles in Bulletin №2 of 2003 and revised in 2010.

Information on published articles is transmitted to the Russian Scientific Citation Index on the regular basis.

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Current Issue

Vol 13, No 4 (2016)

Perspectives for cognitive rehabilitation of patients with diabetes mellitus
Matveeva M., Samoylova J., Zhukova N., Oleynik O., Rotkank M.
Obesity and metabolism. 2016;13(4):3-7
Association between pathogenesis of atherosclerosis and osteoporosis
Verbovoy A., Mitroshina E., Pashentseva A.
Obesity and metabolism. 2016;13(4):8-14
Original paper
Analysis of the informativeness of melatonin evaluation in polycystic ovary syndrome
Andreeva E., Absatarova Y., Sheremetyeva E., Derkatch D., Ponomareva T., Tiulpakov A., Ioutsi V., Ilyin A., Murvatov K.
Obesity and metabolism. 2016;13(4):15-20
The role of genetic factors in predicting results of obesity treatment with sibutramine – serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor
Galieva M., Troshina E., Mazurina N., Artiushin A., Pavlova A., Volynkina A., Aksyonova M., Logvinova O.
Obesity and metabolism. 2016;13(4):21-26
The impact of medical product «Portsiola» on the dynamics of weight and body composition in patients with overweight and obesity
Sergeev V., Artikulova I., Pavlyuk N.
Obesity and metabolism. 2016;13(4):28-32
Profile of microRNAs associated with coronary heart disease in patients with type 2 diabetes
Shvangiradze T.A., Bondarenko I.Z., Troshina E.A., Shestakova M.V., Ilyin A.V., Nikankina L.V., Karpukhin A.V., Muzaffarova T.A., Kipkeeva F.M., Grishina K.A., Kuzevanova A.Y.
Obesity and metabolism. 2016;13(4):34-38
Diagnosis and differential diagnosis of adrenal incidentalomas
Molashenko N.V., Platonova N.M., Beltsevich D.G., Yukina M.Y., Troshina E.A.
Obesity and metabolism. 2016;13(4):39-44
Case Report
Endocrine disorders due to Rathke’s cleft cyst: a clinical case presentation
Vorotnikova S., Dzeranova L., Pigarova E., Vorontsov A., Vladimirova V., Averkieva E.
Obesity and metabolism. 2016;13(4):45-48
Socio-medical aspects of the normalization of body mass
Leskova I., Ermakov D., Matushevskaya E., Nishnianidze O.
Obesity and metabolism. 2016;13(4):49-52