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Uroven' visfatina syvorotki krovi i ekspressiyagena visfatina (PBEF1) v podkozhnoyi vistseral'noy zhirovoy tkani u detey

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The aim of this study was to investigate the characteristics of visfatin - PBEF1 - gene expression in subcutaneous and visceral
adipose tissue and serum levels of visfatin in children with relation to age and anthropometric parameters. The study included
52 patients (27 boys (52%), 25 girls (48%) aged from 2,5 to 18 years (13,8 [7,4-15,1] years)), who underwent an elective surgical intervention.
PBEF1 mRNA level was measured by real-time PCR and serum level of visfatin was quantified by immunoenzyme assay.
According to our study visfatin serum concentration in children with normal body weight was 9,2 [7,4-11,6] ng/ml, whereas in the
overweight group - 9,5 [7,5-11,1] ng/ml (p=0,5). No statistically significant gender difference in serum visfatin levels was observed.
No correlation between visfatin levels and age, pubertal stages and anthropometric indices in children was found. Statistically significant
differences in the level of gene expression between subcutaneous and visceral adipose tissue were found (р=0,002) in the
total group of children surveyed and children with normal weight, while there were no depot-specific differences in overweight children.
The study did not reveal any dependence of PBEF1 expression on age and sex of children. Expression of PBEF1 in adipose
tissue decreases with puberty (PBEF1VATγ=-0,24, р=0,02; PBEF1SATγ=-0,25, р=0,02). PBEF1 expression in adipose tissue was
not correlated with the serum visfatin (R=-0,06, р=0,6).

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