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An open clinical trial evaluating effects of Pravastatin (P) 20 mg, Fluvastatin (F) 40 mg versus Calcium-D3 Nycomed Forte (1000 mg calcium and 800 ME cholecalciferol - CaD3 ) on bone metabolism, bone mineral density (BMD) and lipid metabolism have been conducted. We studied 80 osteopenic women from 60 to 80 years old, divided into three groups: 30 participants were treated by CaD3 during 12 months, at the same time 30 ones applied P, and 20 women were treated by L for the 6 months. All of the remedies showed similar influence on the spine BMD (the basal BMD remained intact). CaD3 and L were able to prevent proximal hip from BMD loss whereas patients treated P proceeded to lose bone mass (up to 1.3-1.5%). We have found that CaD3 provides an antiresorptive action (СТх became 27.2% lower and OC -4.1%), that P doesn't touch bone metabolism indices and dual action of L: it suppress a bone resorption (СТх was 14,1% reduce) and show an invigorative action on bone formation (ОК 25,5% raised). The CaD3 treatment was the less expensive, and the highest cost had P course. Our comparative study reveals that CaD3 is preferable in solitary osteoporosis prevention. However when osteopenia or validity OP risk factors coexist with dyslipidemia, type II particularly, use of L may be rational because of it's 6th month therapy had rather equal effect to one of year CaD3 consumption.







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