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The first experience with selective blood collection from the inferior petrosal sinuses in Russia (case reports)


This paper reports two clinical cases of ACTH-dependent hypercorticism. Difficulties encountered in differential diagnosis of this condition were due to poor informative value of routine diagnostic methods. The use of selective blood collection from the inferior petrosal sinuses (for the first time in Russia) greatly facilitated the choice of the adequate treatment strategy. A detailed description of clinical features of ACTH-dependent hypercorticism in two young women is presented along with the results of laboratory and instrumental studies. Technical aspects of selective blood collection from the inferior petrosal sinuses in conjunction with the desmopressin stimulation protocol are considered. Indications for the use of this diagnostic method under real clinical conditions are proposed. Results of the study are discussed with reference to the treatment strategy chosen for the management of ACTH-dependent hypercorticism and the outcome of surgical intervention.

Ivan Ivanovich Dedov

Ivan Ivanovich Sitkin

Zhanna Evgen'evna Belaya

Email: janne-be@mtu-net.ru

Evgeniya Ivanovna Marova

Elena Georgievna Przhiyalkovskaya

Oleg Valer'evich Remizov

Lyudmila Yakovlevna Rozhinskaya

I I Dedov

I I Sitkin

Zh E Belaya

E I Marova

O V Remizov

L Ya Rozhinskaya

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Copyright (c) 2009 Dedov I.I., Sitkin I.I., Belaya Z.E., Marova E.I., Przhiyalkovskaya E.G., Remizov O.V., Rozhinskaya L.Y., Dedov I.I., Sitkin I.I., Belaya Z.E., Marova E.I., Remizov O.V., Rozhinskaya L.Y.

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