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Minimally invasive surgery of primary hyperparathyroidism

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Results of various surgical techniques application in primary hyperparathyroidism patients were studied. Bilateral neck exploration, unilateral neck exploration, selective parathyroidectomy (conventional and videoassisted) were used in 297 patients with primary hyperparathyroidism. Results of the study showed high efficacy of selective parathyroidectomy with some benefits in comparison with bilateral neck exploration (reduced postoperative pain, better cosmetic result, diminished hospital stay etc.).

I V Slepstov

Email: newsurgery@yandex.ru

R A Chernikov

A N Bubnov

I K Chinchuk

V A Makarin

Y V Karelina

A A Uspenskaya

K Y Novokshonov

E A Fedorov

A A Semenov

N I Timofeeva

Y N Fedotov

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