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Topical diagnostics methods in primary hyperparathyroidism. Comparative features

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Topical diagnostics of parathyroids an important stage in preoperative inspection of patients with a primary hyperparathyreosis. Methods of diagnostics existing for today not always demand use of all methods for each patient. A research problem was studying of diagnostic value of each of research methods separately and their combinations. The obtained data testifies to high sensitivity and specificity of each of methods of preoperative topical diagnostics of a pathology of parathyroids at patients with a primary hyperparathyreosis. Sensitivity of US, the Scintigraphy, US + Scintigraphy and the Multispiral computer tomography (MSCT) has compounded – 96,8 %, 91,8 %, 99,2 % and 95,2 % accordingly. Specificity of US, the Scintigraphy, US+ Scintigraphy and a MSCT has compounded – 91,9 %, 84,2 %, 94,1 % and 94,1 % accordingly. Findings of investigation have taped absence of statistically significant differences in sensitivity and specificity parametres between US and «the gold standard» diagnostics of a pathology of parathyroids that allows to recommend US, as a unique method of primary topical diagnostics of a pathology of parathyroids at a primary hyperparathyreosis. However any doubts in diagnostic accuracy of US demand expansion of all complex of diagnostic actions scintigraphy, including an SPECT, and also MSCT, especially in case of atypical a locating of parathyroids. On the basis of findings of investigation the optimum diagnostic algorithm is developed at a primary hyperparathyreosis.

N S Kuznetsov

Email: ilyakim@yandex.ru

I V Kim

S N Kuznetsov

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