Vol 6, No 1 (2012)

Medullary Thyroid Cancer: Management Guidelines
Abdulkhabirova F.M., Bel'tsevich D.G., Vanushko V.E., Dedov I.I., Kuznetsov N.S., Mel'nichenko G.A., Platonova N.M., Rumyantsev P.O., Troshina E.A., Tyul'pakov A.N., Fadeev V.V., Abrosimov A.Y., Il'in A.A., Isaev P.A., Medvedev V.S., Rumyantseva U.V., Brzhezovskiy V.Z., Kropotov M.A., Lyubchenko L.N., Podvyaznikov S.O., Polyakov V.G., Romanov I.S., Subramanian S., Tyulyandin S.A., Ol'shanskiy V.O., Reshetov I.V., Il'in A.A., Isaev P.A., Medvedev V.S., Rumyantseva U.V., Makhson A.N., Bondarenko V.O., Vetshev P.S., Glezerov E.A., Zaletaev D.V., Ivanov Y.V., Kozhanov L.G., Soldatov I.V., Kharnas S.S., Barchuk A.S., Bershteyn L.M., Bubnov A.N., Sleptsov I.V., Chernikov R.A., Grineva E.N., Manikhas G.M., Romanchishen A.F., Korenev S.V., Vikhlyanov I.V., Gashchenko A.D., Dvornichenko V.V., Kiyaev A.V., Privalov V.A., Yaytsev S.V., Svetitskiy P.V., Khasanov R.S., Tsvetaev V.A., Choynzonov E.L., Shevchenko S.P.
Представленные клинические рекомендации объединяют мнения членов рабочей группы по ключевым и наиболее спорным проблемам диагностики и лечения МРЩЖ, которые сложились в отечественной клинической практике. В рабочую группу вошли специалисты, работающие в различных лечебных и научно-исследовательских учреждениях.Этот документ не является официально утвержденным различными структурами Министерства здравоохранения и социального развития РФ. Представленные в нем положения носят рекомендательный характер.Основные предпосылки
Endocrine Surgery. 2012;6(1):5-17
Beltsevich D.G., Vanushko V.E., Kuznetsov N.S., Kats L.E.
Гинекомастия – полиэтиологический синдром, проявляющийся односторонним или двусторонним увеличением размеров грудных желез у мужчин. Клиническое значение гинекомастии ограничено тремя возможными аспектами [3]:• гинекомастия как симптом эндокринопатии;• гинекомастия как проявление опухоли грудной железы;• гинекомастия как косметическая проблема.
Endocrine Surgery. 2012;6(1):18-23
Еctopic ACTH syndrome: clinical picture, diagnosis, treatment
Kuznetsov N.S., Latkina N.V., Dobreva E.A.
Diagnosis and treatment of ectopic ACTH-syndrome currently is one of the most challenging problems among other forms of endogenous hypercorticism. This syndrome is associated with presence of extrapituitary tumors characterized with different histogenesis and localization, which produce adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), or – rarely – corticotrophin-releasing hormone. In most cases the ectopic synthesis of ACTH is performed in bronchial carcinoid tumors (36–46%), oat cell cancer (18–20%), medullary thyroid cancer (3–7%), pheochromocytoma (9–23%), other sites are infrequent (pancreas, thymus, parotid gland, ovaries, uterus, prostate, colon, stomach, esophagus, etc.). Much of these tumors are aggressive and are characterized with propensity to metastasize and relapse. Currently there are few contradictory data on the comparative evaluation of the effectiveness of methods of topical diagnosis of the source of ectopic ACTH-secretion, and therefore there is an urgent need to develop an optimal and most efficient algorithm for diagnostic procedures to determine the extent of the tumor in patients with ectopic ACTH-syndrome. Indications for surgery, timing and extent of surgical intervention, the effectiveness of the operation, the causes and frequency of relapses are still discussed.The present difficulties of diagnosis, as well as the lack of a unified approach to the treatment of this disease in the complex, often lead to the progression and development of a large number of serious complications functions of up to disability, which in turn does not lead to significant improvement of quality of life. Thus further research is necessary to study of this disease
Endocrine Surgery. 2012;6(1):24-36
World endocrine surgery news
Karseladze E.A.
Endocrine Surgery. 2012;6(1):37-44
Clinical observation of the true lateral aberrant goiter
Petrov V.G., Yakimov S.A., Ivashina E.G., Bastrakova S.B.
True aberrant goiter is quite rare. Most often there is a metastatic lesion of the cervical lymph nodes in cancer of the thyroid gland. This paper presents a clinical case of true lateral aberrant goiter.
Endocrine Surgery. 2012;6(1):44-47

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